Registered Educational Psychologist HPCSA number 54070 Practice Number 8640661

Liesl Bekker

Hello, I'm Liesl Bekker

I am a creative counsellor, chaotic administrator, catastrophic sportsperson-news-watcher-weather-checker-political-follower, casual writer, caring mother, challenging wife and certified life coach and I am passionate about the psyche. Your psyche.

I am here to help you create the epic career and life you deserve. Take a look at what we do because finding the magic in you is my superpower and I can help you be who you want to be and have the life you want to have. This is your life and your future and helping you reclaim the joy in your life is my jam. I became a therapist because I am good at empowering people and although therapy is hard work (for both of us), it is also rewarding, meaningful and magic!

In my office you will find the space to say out loud (in both neat and not so neat language) what you are thinking and feeling without judgement or raised eyebrows. Together we will laugh, joke, swear, cry and untangle those messy thoughts (and actions) that damage your career, endanger your relationships or limit your potential. And once your mind and heart are uncluttered, we will challenge you to do things differently so that you can do more, be more and live more.

As a trained therapist and workshop facilitator my goal is to empower people to find meaning in their lives.

I use different careerology techniques, storytelling and creative exercises to teach clients how to take action towards change and be accountable for their lives. Contact me so that we can plan how to partner together to make your tomorrow better than it is today. feel better, do better, be better now. Let’s act together.

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    My Style
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    Education (the serious stuff)

My Style

I’m a firm believer in creating your own life, planning action to change, and above all, being accountable for your choices.

I am not the type of therapist that you have seen on Netflix. I am personable, human and laid-back (and far from perfect or serious – that does not mean that I am not competent at what I do). I have wild hair, no style, often act inappropriately, sometimes use foul language and hate loud noises. I talk so casually during sessions that you’ll feel like we’ve met before. I’ll ask you about what’s been going on and how you’re experiencing it. I’ll ask what you did last week and about the people you usually engage with. I genuinely want to know how you’ve been doing and who you are. I’m not afraid to talk about the hard or awkward stuff, and I’m also not afraid to let you know when you’re limiting yourself.

Together we will sort all of the “puzzle pieces” of your life out and then we look at the big picture together. We’ll find the things that are holding you back and create plans to overcome them. I’ll help you put all the pieces back together again to form the picture you set out to draw for yourself in the first place.