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Do you sometimes feel paralyzed by fears of your future or indecisive about what career would be most rewarding for you? Then you are at the right place.

Choosing the right subjects in grade 9 can be a daunting experience. Nobody knows what they want to be in life at the age of 15. Many learners still don't have an idea of what they want to do with their lives when they leave school. The world of work is evolving so fast, your ideal career may not even exist yet! Ten years ago nobody knew social media would take over the world and today you can consider becoming a social media influencer or podcast producer.

Decisions about what to do with your life shouldn't be so scary... we can help you create an exciting future! Use our online career journey and self-assessment tools to find your interests and personality type.

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What is Careerology?

Careerology is all about you and predicting a bright future for you! By exploring your strengths and ways of dealing with your environment, you can find your vocation. One of the ways in which to explore your strengths is through assessments. Assessments can be compared to a GPS, showing you what route to take. The results can orient you towards a future goal. It is much easier to find your destination if you plan your route and follow a map. Career choice is one of the most important decisions you are going to make and therefore it is important that you know who you are, what you want and what the world has to offer. And then you need to set goals to achieve your dreams!


Why is it important to know your interests?

Interest indicates an individual's preferences for certain tasks, activities, and work environments. Aligning your subjects, studies, and career choice with your interest will not only motivate you to put in more study hours but will also increase satisfaction at school and will improve your potential for achieving career success.

Understanding your interests is a critical part of your career planning and the choice you are going to make. People tend to do best in those activities that they are interested in. Most people excel in work that they also enjoy doing.

Our interest questionnaire is a self-assessment tool that might help you categorise your interest into specific career fields and match your interest to the most suited career fields.

The Act Free Online Interest Assessment The Act Online Interest Assessment


Personality type indicates an individual's habitual preferred way of interacting with the world around him. People have different and similar ways of dealing with information, handling obstacles, and ways of communicating. The manner in which people collect, evaluate, organise, and respond to data from their inner and outer worlds divides them into broad personality types, known as typology.

There are no better or less desired personality types, certain personality types just fit in better with certain career environments. The career environment best fitted to your personality type would allow you to reach your full potential. Types have different dominant strengths that match specific career environments.

The shaperFORMance (personality) questionnaire is a self-assessment tool that might help you recognise the dominant strengths of your type and match your type to the most suited career field.

The Act Online Personality Assessment