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Online Personality Assessment

Price: R150.00 - payment required before starting

30 minutes | 25 questions

Please note that the ShaperFORMance is not a test with right or wrong answers. It is a self-evaluating assessment that will indicate your preferred way of dealing with daily situations.

The profile sent to you afterwards is based on your own responses to these statements. TheAct has no control over the results portrayed in your generated report.

Your profile is a reflection of your personal perception of who you are what your preferences are as you know yourself best. The generated profile will be mailed to you when you have completed all the questions.

There are 25 statements to be ranked according to your typical behaviour. There are no right or wrong answers and no answer is better or of a higher value than the other.

You should be able to complete the assessment in 30 minutes. The first answer that comes to mind is usually the best. Try not to overthink your answer.

This self-evaluation assessment measures your perception of yourself and nobody but you can know your preferences or answer for you. Do not ask a friend or family member to help you as they also have their perceptions of you based on their own views.

Try to complete these questions in one sitting without being interrupted or distracted.

Each statement has 4 options that you need to rank based on your usual behaviour in that situation (we all sometimes behave in ways inconsistent with our character – try to choose the option that is most typical for you).

The questions will appear one after the other as you answer them. You can go back by clicking on the back/previous arrow.

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