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Online Interest Assessment

Price: R150.00 - payment required before starting

20 minutes | 84 questions

Career success does not only depend on a person’s abilities or his or her qualifications but also on his or her interests. Your specific interest plays a major role in your career choice. Interests direct your abilities. It reveals the career area in which you would like to use your abilities. Interests are those activities that give you personal satisfaction, activities that you enjoy and pursue. This questionnaire reveals in what career fields your interest lies.

There are 84 questions that would take you about 20 minutes to complete. There are no correct or wrong answers. Just read each statement and click the like or dislike button next to those activities that you think you would enjoy. When you submit you will receive a downloadable report with your results.

While completing the questionnaire do not concern yourself with whether you have the ability or qualification to perform the mentioned task.

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